Starting a business in Hong Kong

If you are looking to do business in the Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong is internationally recognised as one of the best places to be. With multinational access to the region, as well as acting as a ‘gateway to China’, Hong Kong is an important channel for inbound investors looking to develop corporate relationships throughout Asia.

As a special administrative region of China, the city is also the preferred first stepping stone for many Mainland Chinese businesses looking to pursue international opportunities and a conduit for investment in both directions.

Its central location and natural deep-water harbour has historical and strategic significance for the territory. As an entrepôt for trading with Mainland China, Hong Kong became an economic powerhouse through a combination of minimum government intervention and low taxation that has stimulated free trade. It topped the 2015 Index of Economic Freedom for the 21st consecutive year in recognition of its business, trade and economic freedom.

Many Asia Pacific-focused multinationals choose Hong Kong as the base for their regional or global headquarters. The city has a stable currency (the Hong Kong dollar) which is pegged to and backed by the US dollar, and administered through a currency board system.

For Mainland Chinese businesses, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange can be the source of large injections of funding through initial public offerings (IPOs). Companies seeking to list in Hong Kong, however, must be able to comply with the exchange's rules, including regulatory and corporate governance regulations.

Hong Kong is a major financial centre and home to 70 of the world’s top 100 banks. Its skilled workforce is a valuable resource and the city is signatory to a wide range of global trade and commerce agreements. Its sophisticated infrastructure, friendliness to business and proximity to Mainland China all suggest that Hong Kong will continue to flourish as a major economic force in the future.

TMF Group's Hong Kong expertise

Our Hong Kong office has more than 300 specialists assisting high-net-worth individuals to consolidate and protect their wealth in a tax-efficient way. We also offer a wide range of corporate services for companies seeking to establish themselves in the jurisdiction, including accounting and tax, company secretarial, HR and payroll solutions, and process agent services – everything you need to set up your business in Hong Kong.

Businesses need to be compliant to regulations and we are equipped to ensure that you meet the requirements for the evolving Hong Kong Employee Ordinance, the Hong Kong New Companies Ordinance and Hong Kong Listing Rules. Our team also provides incorporation services for companies from various other jurisdictions, private equity and real estate investment services.

About TMF Group Hong Kong office

The TMF Group office in Hong Kong was established in 1994. It provides clients with a complete suite of private and corporate services to meet their personal and business needs. In addition to wealth management services, we offer the following in Hong Kong: accounting and tax, company secretarial, HR and payroll solutions, and process agent services.

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