HR and Payroll services in Taiwan

The Labour Standards Law is the primary labour law that governs employment in Taiwan, including issues such as wages, working hours, leave and retirement. To help ensure your business and personnel are compliant with labour laws, we offer a number of services that support your HR and payroll requirements in Taiwan.

Application for insurance certificates – We can apply for insurance certificates from the Bureau of Labour Insurance and the Bureau of National Health Insurance on behalf of our clients.

HR administration services – We can assist with a number of HR administration services. This includes working permit and resident visa applications, alien resident certificate (ARC) applications and evidence of redundancy.

Monthly payroll services

Our payroll services cover the following:

  • Registration, de-registration and maintenance of employees’ information to the Bureau of Labor Insurance/ Pension and the Bureau of National Health Insurance
  • Calculation of withholding tax and necessary reductions
  • Calculation of payroll and payment
  • Preparation of password protected payslips in the form of paper or email and e-payslip on portal
  • Payments of employees’ labour insurance and national health insurance premiums, employees’ withholding income tax and pension fund to the government agencies
  • Preparation of annual insurance certificate and withholding tax certificate to each employee for individual income tax return purposes

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