Incorporation, corporate, domiciliation and legal representation services

TMF Group Peru helps companies from its early stage, with the legal entity incorporation, until the complete operation by managing all legal administrative tasks such as meeting minutes preparation, legal documents processing and statutory reforms, among others. Likewise, our experts in Peru can act as legal representatives or attorney’s-in-fact allowing us to sign documents on behalf of the company, reducing company’s extra time and resources.

Corporate Services

TMF Group provides a full range of administrative corporate services to meet our client’s day-to-day needs, ensuring compliance with local regulatory requirements. 

  • Preparation of meeting minutes from annual board of director and shareholder meetings, and considerations for the company’s financial statements
  • Preparation of corresponding meeting minutes from board or shareholder meetings and other special proceedings
  • Management of all required activities with various government agencies such as: Superintendencia Nacional de Aduanas y Administración Tributaria (SUNAT), Seguro Social de Salud del Perú (ESSALUD), Administradora de Fondo de Pensiones (AFP) Instituto de Previsión Social, Ministerio de Trabajo (MINTRA), etc.
  • Upkeep of any amendments to the company’s statutes as required by changes in capital, naming conventions, etc.


  • Formation of corporations, limited liability companies, and/or establishment of local branches.
  • Amendments to corporate statutes in order to align with client’s needs. 
  • Assistance in opening bank accounts
  • Design of sales invoices and other documentation in accordance with legal requirements

Domiciliation and Representation Services

  • TMF Group offices are available for use by clients as a local registered address. 
  • If a client requires directors or trustees, TMF Group can provide their own personnel to act on behalf of the company as a local representative to government agencies, banks and/or form part of the legal representation of the company.

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