Accounting and tax services

As the world becomes increasingly regulated, the pressure on your finance department grows. How do you ensure your compliance requirements are in hand? What risk management strategies do you have in place?

And when you operate in Peru and multiple jurisdictions, ever-changing local rules and regulations put your companies at an even greater risk of non-compliance and increased liability.

By trusting your finance and accountancy process to TMF Group in Peru you can help mitigate these risks, deal with the challenges more efficiently – and ensure your management time and resources is focused on both your core business, and your growth strategy.

Accounting services 

TMF Group provides accounting services following Peru’s legal regulations and standard accounting practices agreed with the client, which include:

  • Preparation of accounting information for management purposes
  • Issuance of annual financial statements for consolidation purposes
  • Issuance of annual financial statements for local purposes in accordance with local accounting standards
  • Take care and prepare accounting information required by external or internal auditors or other bureaus
  • Bookkeeping and management of accounting and tax records according to Peruvian law

Tax Compliance Services

TMF Group provides tax compliance services according to the guidelines received and agreed upon with the client and appointed tax advisor

  • Calculation and payment of federal taxes and presentation of the relevant affidavits
  • Calculation and payment of withholding tax
  • Presentation of affidavits and financial statements to the tax authorities

Administrative Services

  • Management of accounts payable and purchasing accounts 
  • Sales, accounts receivables and collections management 
  • Treasury services
  • Import folder management
  • Inventory cost and sales calculation 
  • Assets management

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