Mexico: land of opportunity

Trade agreements make Mexico a global hub of activity

Why Mexico?

Mexico offers investors and businesses a land of opportunity that rivals any other emerging market. It’s one of the most competitive countries for investments at an international level thanks to its political and macroeconomic stability, size, and strength of its internal market, and unfluctuating inflation.

To make itself more attractive to investors, the Mexican government has made improvements to its infrastructure and fostered competition in sectors such as transportation, energy and telecommunications. By opening its borders, Mexico has become a global manufacturing base, with strong links to consumer.

One of the biggest changes has been its trade policies. Mexico has signed trade agreements with many nations, positioning itself as one of the most open countries for international trade with preferential access to potential consumers.

Mexico also offers a strategic location and proximity to the main consumption centres of the world; this allows more companies to respond quickly to changes in demand and reduce cost of inventories. What’s more, the price of labour has remained stable over the last decade while the cost of wages in other countries’ factories has quintupled.

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Our core areas of expertise

Since 2006 TMF Group has supported business in Mexico. Our team of professionals provide accounting, tax compliance, corporate secretarial, and HR and payroll services to local and multinational companies.

We can get you set up, provide a single point of contact and take care of those non-core elements that keep your business moving, while you can focus on what you do best: selling your products and services. By taking the burden of the back office and centralising it through a single provider, we work with you to increase efficiency and help strip out any unnecessary costs.

Our full range of services include:

  • Accounting and Tax services: We take care of local statutory bookkeeping, full consolidated accounts and management reporting to relevant local and international standards. We also help you manage your tax and reporting obligations.
  • Capital Markets services: We provide support to capital market transactions at local level and on a global scale. We help to manage and administer a wide range of transactions, from a complex multi-tranche securitization to a project finance transaction or a syndicated loan. We can also help direct lenders in need of support to administer their loan portfolio.
  • Global Entity Management services: We provide support at every stage of your business lifecycle. Our multi-disciplinary expertise - in corporate secretarial, regulatory compliance, fiduciary services and more - is your outsourced answer to managing and maintaining entities across borders.
  • Governance services: We help you stay compliant, manage your risk and regulatory obligations, including your local legal requirements for Common Reporting Standard (CRS), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Know Your Customer (KYC), CbCr notification, Master File / Local File and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) register. 
  • HR and Payroll services: We help you to apply and implement international policies in employment contracts and handbooks, and pay your staff in compliance with local law.

*Availability of our global portfolio is country dependent. Make an enquiry if you'd like to find out more about our specialised, professional expertise

Local Services

In addition to our global portfolio of services* our Mexico office provides extra support for specific local requirements.

    A Sofom is a special type of Mexican financial entity which is allowed to grant loans, leasing operations, factoring and act as trustee in certain transactions.
    - Set-up
    - Loan administration
    - PLD
  • Trust services
    - Trusts and securities
    - Extensible business reporting language XBRL

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