International entity compliance health checks

Companies with overseas operations need an easy solution for performing periodic reviews for multiple entities and a clear action plan on how to remain compliant globally. 

What TMF Group can do for you

Depending on the level of assistance you need, we can deliver an in-depth report or a quick snapshot of your corporate compliance situation:

  • TMF Group Healthcheck is a comprehensive corporate compliance status report based a three-way process of matching and reviewing all entities’ information from local public records, local statutory records and internal corporate databases.
  • Corporate Entity Report gives you a snapshot of the public information held on multiple entities in any of the countries where you operate. 

Our local lawyers, paralegals and company secretaries can identify areas of discrepancies and non-compliance. We will also consolidate basic entity information, such as legal registration and incorporation details, registered office addresses, current directors and shareholders and present it all in a clear and straight-forward report. 

Why TMF Group?

TMF Group has internal know-how and legal experts in more than 80 countries to deliver robust corporate compliance health checks. Our qualified professionals can obtain and verify the statutory and public records in local languages, saving you time and giving you visibility over your corporate compliance situation. 

Our local offices are all subsidiaries of TMF Group and this corporate structure allows us to provide a connected and client-centric approach to client management. With TMF Group, you rely on a local qualified workforce available across continents. We tailor our support to meet your business needs, helping you to address the challenge of ever-growing compliance obligations. 

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