Global payroll intelligence at your fingertips

With our secure online technology solution, you receive control, visibility and compliance across your global payroll operations.

With our cloud-based solution, you get:

  • Accounting for local language and currency, for operations involving workforces that range from just one to thousands of employees.
  • Visibility and control of each local payroll and head office. We provide a single, secure application that enables multinational businesses to view, exchange and report on payroll consistently and efficiently.
  • Agile and flexible processes. Our solution contains cloud-based workflows, calendars, dashboards and reports that pull real-time data from across your organisation.
  • Manage and report effectively on payroll performance and improve business decisions by drawing on consistent, up-to-date information on global employment costs and trends.
  • Strike the perfect balance between secure technology and local regulatory payroll expertise, ensuring accurate, timely and compliant payroll.

Failsafe prompts for managers and maximised process visibility

Our technology solution takes the heavy lifting out of delivering payroll accurately, compliantly and on time.

You can even use mobile devices to check your business’s cross-country payroll status and provide authorisations on the move. Don’t let moving between meetings stop you or your senior stakeholders accessing real-time analytical information on your payroll financial and employee data.

Nothing falls between the cracks. What if one of your offices hasn’t entered its required payroll data on time? In this situation, our system produces an email prompt and, if needed, escalates the issue to senior company management and the local TMF Group office.

Secure access to documentation and online support for employees.

You get an intuitive, consistent, web-enabled experience.

Your employees can access payroll-related information securely from any device - computer, smartphone or tablet - fully confident that it is a secure location for payslips and other confidential information.

At the same time, they can interact with your company or TMF Group payroll experts to resolve queries or problems in their time zones and native languages.

Global payroll middleware – four core modules

1. Exchange
  • Payroll calendars, workflow management, and secure data exchange – in full compliance with the latest data protection legislation. 
  • A dashboard view of all in-scope payroll statuses, giving your team maximum control and transparency throughout the payroll process.
  • Online processing calendar  
    • captures participants’ availability 
    • enables planning by individual payroll entities
    • allows annual agreements to be signed online 
  • Workflow task manager
    • variable task views
    • notification of tasks by role 
    • email reminders 
    • completion tracking 
    • sign-off of input completion, draft payroll reports and final payroll approval 
    • audit trails for all payrolls in the system
2. Report
  • Derive actionable insight from your global payroll operations, by enabling real-time reports to be created and shared with decision-makers.
  • The reporting dashboard offers visualisations of payroll metrics, including heat maps, charts and simple process status views.
  • Global reports using local data, including:
    • company headcount
    • reconciliation reports
    • gross-to-net calculations
    • general ledger
    • variance reports
    • raw data downloads
3. View
  • Intuitive, personalised employee payroll portal
    • PDF payslips
    • individual, regional or group messages
    • display personalisation
  • Online communication
    • ticketing system for your employees to contact your local office
    • swift issue escalation to TMF Group’s local office
    • ability to add attachments
4. Analytics
  • A robust and flexible analytical reporting functionality provides meaningful visualisations of payroll financial data, enabling you and your key stakeholders to assess trends and patterns to make informed decisions.
  • It provides views based on data entered within the last three, six and twelve months of total gross salary, total employer cost and total net salary, including:
    • consolidated reporting for financial and employee data
    • data comparison across countries and entities
    • data trends in different currencies
    • drill downs and data exports

How we process your payroll

We’ve developed our payroll middleware to exchange, process and manage global payroll data between TMF Group and your company’s managers, payroll teams and employees.

It is system agnostic, able to interface with almost any leading Human Capital Management (HCM) system or time and attendance software.

Our governance reaches throughout our local offices, which allows us to adapt payroll go-lives to your needs as much as possible.

During onboarding, we work with you to create the interfaces, workflows, reports, roles and permissions needed on the application.