Local compliance and expert support, centrally coordinated

Behind IPT Quote lies TMF Group’s IPT centre of excellence and worldwide compliance network of  wholly-owned local offices. We were the world’s first – and now the largest – independent provider of fiscal representative and agency services. Our 120-plus locations around the world include IPT specialists in 36 European centres, the US, Australia and Singapore. Through them we provide a complete native language IPT compliance service and all the local expertise and insight you need to keep on top of regulatory developments wherever you write business.

All new clients pass through a carefully-planned on-boarding process. We begin with an audit of pre-existing arrangements and pending tax authority deadlines, before reviewing the client’s products and requirements in detail so that IPT Quote can be customised to make sure products are mapped accurately to our global rates database. 

Our IPT centre of excellence acts as your single point of contact to solve cross-border problems globally, while simultaneously making sure that our local compliance services are always consistent, complete and well-coordinated. 

Tax returns prepared, signed and submitted promptly across all your territories

IPT payments made and managed from the client’s own bank account – under managed payment arrangements if required

Encrypted and GDPR compliant data transfer and storage

Clients kept up-to-date with alerts and updates on IPT changes, regular reviews of services and needs, and events and seminars on current trends

Non EU/EEA IPT Services

TMF Group’s global network of wholly-owned offices in more than 85 territories contains all the on-demand local knowledge and technical resource to support your compliance with insurance premium taxes and other parafiscal charges. Outside Europe, where the responsibility for settling premium taxes tends to fall on the policyholder, our global network of offices can act as your appointed fiscal representative or agent in line with local legislation.

IPT Consultancy services

Our consultancy services, led by our centre of excellence, provide advice and support for all aspects of IPT compliance, including:

  • IPT process reviews
  • Policy wording reviews to identify the tax rates applicable to specific products
  • Understanding and application of tax legislation, including the location of risk, tax points, coinsurance rules and taxable basis 
  • Obtaining binding rulings on specific issues from tax authorities

Captive practice

The IPT compliance needs of a captive insurer are often more extensive than a general insurance company. TMF Group has one of the industry’s strongest and most experienced specialist teams in this area, supporting captives with a comprehensive and collaborative compliance solution.

End-to-end services use a tailored, captive-specific version of IPT Quote. It models the tax implications of programme structures across multiple territories and creates accurate IPT cost estimates at the quotation stage, facilitating accurate, compliant invoicing across all relevant territories. A central team co-ordinates and works alongside our network of local offices to make sure tax return submissions are timely and compliant in every jurisdiction.

Beyond the territories in which we provide compliance services, IPT Quote Captive’s global rate tables provide a window on the way business is written in local markets worldwide, along with the potential insurance tax responsibilities and requirements.

Additional services

  • Tax credits recovered
  • Legacy returns filed
  • Liaison with local tax authorities and support for IPT audits
  • Deregistrations managed – tying up loose ends (including IPT credits) and acting as the primary point-of-contact for tax authorities
  • Detailed IPT compliance health checks for the business and its products
  • Bespoke staff training in IPT regulations and tax matters

What clients say about TMF Group

Willis Towers Watson, an IPT Quote client since 2010, uses our rate checker and calculation tool in its multinational insurance business. Each year Willis Towers Watson uses IPT Quote to process hundreds of millions of pounds of global programme premium and perform complex tax calculations with speed and accuracy.

The firm is one of the largest international brokers, involved in some of the market’s most complex insurance placements and transactions, and working alongside some of the biggest insurance buyers and many different insurance carriers. For Willis Towers Watson it is vital to be able to understand the varying compliance requirements, tax liabilities and responsibilities which result from their insurance programme placements.

IPT Quote provides access to real time insurance tax rate data and makes it easy to create complex tax schedules when finalising insurance costs and premium allocations.

“The TMF Group successfully combines innovation in recording and delivery within a user-friendly platform relevant to all parts of the placement chain – client, broker and underwriter. Their proposition gives Willis Towers Watson, as broker, a centralised view of how underwriters facilitate tax across the whole industry (which is also recognised by the London Market Bureaux’s providers). We also receive the information we need to take a truly joined-up approach when our clients are obliged to settle taxes directly, outside of our contractual remit."

“Willis Towers Watson has worked as a collaborative partner [with TMF Group] for many years, from initial development right through to today’s delivery. Furthermore, our experience of the online and direct support is second to none, whether as platform delivery or liaising directly with the research and development team.”

Our Team

Paul Hampton

Head of Indirect Tax

Having spent much of his career working in transformation and technology change, Paul joined TMF Group in 2010 to become the driving force behind IPT Quote, our proprietary global insurance premium tax software. He now leads a highly experienced team of specialists providing a complete IPT service: calculation, compliance and consultancy.

Karen Jenner

IPT business development director

Karen is ACII qualified and has more than 25 years of technical and client management experience in the insurance industry, ten of them specialising in IPT. Her work with insurers and brokers in the London market has given her wide experience of IPT compliance in global and unconventional insurance programmes.  

Susie Crew

IPT compliance director – European carriers

Susie qualified as an accountant with Ernst & Young in 1994 and spent the early part of her career as an internal auditor in banking and insurance, moving into IPT in 2008.  Strong client management experience and technical knowledge of IPT compliance enables her to work closely with companies in the European and London markets. 

Ladislav Hanak

IPT compliance director – global carriers

Ladislav has specialised in IPT since 2010. His extensive experience solving complex IPT challenges has helped him build strong working relationships with European tax authorities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other jurisdictions. He has a master’s degree in economics (specialising in finance, banking and investment) and speaks six European languages, including English, German, Slovak and Czech. 

Joseph Finbow

IPT assurance director – captive practice

Joseph is a chartered accountant who started his career with KPMG. He now has more than a decade’s experience in handling global insurance premium tax issues.  His strong platform of knowledge and experience supporting captive insurers, P&I Clubs and other specialist insurers is complemented by his role researching and maintaining global insurance premium tax information. 

Steve Norman

Senior IPT compliance manager

Steve has worked in the IPT field for seven years joining TMF Group in 2015. In addition to his role managing the compliance team, he is heavily involved at every stage of the IPT compliance process for many insurers.

Christophe Bourdaire

IPT Quote Content Director

Christophe Bourdaire is responsible for the management of global tax rate content in our proprietary insurance premium tax software, IPT Quote. Christophe has over 10 years of experience in insurance premium tax compliance, encompassing the management of captive insurer’s tax compliance and providing consultancy and training services to the insurance industry. 

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