International tax services

With our deep understanding of worldwide tax and accounting, and global expertise in corporate governance and subsidiary management, we can help you analyse strategic transactions from every angle, and everywhere. 

Or we can simply remove the burden of tax administration entirely, helping you to take a transparent, controlled and coordinated approach to every aspect of your global tax obligations.

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Tackling global and local tax risks simultaneously and in an integrated way

TMF Group’s international tax compliance services can help you shape and optimise your worldwide approach, with consistent tax management processes, timely standardised reporting, appropriate technology and proven strategies for managing multiple local tax systems and data repositories.

In-country native language experts strip away the costly complications of multiple languages, time zones and jurisdictions, helping you meet deadlines, obtain tax clearances, maximise reliefs and incentives, recover overpayments and respond efficiently to regulatory change. Our consultants can help refine your systems and procedures, make tax-efficient decisions about new markets or extraordinary transactions, and understand the consequences of new and evolving tax law.

The broad scope of our tax compliance services, allied to our local presence in 80-plus jurisdictions, allows us to combine a deep understanding of worldwide tax and accounting with global expertise in corporate governance and subsidiary management to help you analyse strategic transactions from every angle, and everywhere.

Or we can remove the burden of tax administration entirely, helping you to take a transparent, controlled and coordinated approach to every aspect of your global tax obligations – increasing process efficiency, reducing compliance risk and improving cash flow – by combining compliance, recovery and consultancy services into a single, integrated approach.

Direct taxes

From corporate income and withholding taxes to specialised local charges, TMF Group’s centrally-coordinated global network of 7,800 experts in 120-plus local offices can help you simplify and control all your tax calculation and reporting obligations across more than 80 jurisdictions.

  • Centralised service centre outputs efficiently transformed into locally compliant reporting
  • Tax authority registrations audited and maintained properly in all your local markets
  • Tax liabilities calculated accurately, returns prepared and submitted promptly, and payments processed efficiently
  • Tax audit supported by our deep knowledge of local tax authorities’ risk assessment criteria and how tax audits are performed

Global VAT and GST compliance


Global VAT

It is easy to get lost in indirect tax compliance. Local rates, procedures and rules are many and varied. Deadlines come thick and fast across 10, 20 or 30 jurisdictions. A constant tide of rule changes can leave your own staff and technologies struggling to keep up.

Our combination of global reach and multi-disciplinary local expertise means accurate, consistent and timely international tax compliance everywhere you need it.

A tight-knit global network of wholly-owned local offices dissolves the language, procedural and legal differences that drive so much compliance complexity, making it much easier to keep on top of local filing requirements and regulatory change.

Our VAT centre of excellence integrates and coordinates everything you need, replacing the cost and confusion of navigating multiple cultures and jurisdictions with a central point of contact.

  • Deep error-checking technologies use the latest rates and rules from jurisdictions worldwide
  • Robust, jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction compliance frameworks keep you compliant with the countless rules covering registrations, bookkeeping, invoicing and inspections, and the numerous local complexities, like Spain’s SII, Hungary’s Live Invoicing and the growing number of countries adopting a version of SAF-T reporting.
  • Quick, convenient VAT registration with much-simplified non-resident registration, where applicable
  • Fiscal representative services for non-EU companies operating in the EU
  • Expense audits and reviews maximise international VAT recovery and improve cash flow  
  • A single-point-of-contact model means sharply-reduced filing risks and more accurate, timely and coordinated VAT filing services across multiple jurisdictions
  • Our network of local offices makes tax payment more efficient, especially when a local bank account must be used
  • Tax processing and administration are made more efficient and nimble by our constructive working relationships with local authorities and deep understanding of local practices and procedures 
  • Billing arrangements are flexible, centralised or de-centralised, local or global, as required

Tax consulting

When you set up, expand, consolidate and run cross-border businesses all over the world, the accounting and tax compliance complications just keep coming. We can work closely with you to adapt and optimise your accounting systems and tax processes to meet the needs of new markets, emerging opportunities, and the ever-changing face of international fiscal regulation.

  • Tax-optimal market entry decision – assessing and comparing new locations and jurisdictions for the speed and complexity of set-up, local representation requirements, compliance needs, tax registration procedures and business licencing
  • Accounting software updates – identify the additions and reconfigurations needed to satisfy local tax compliance, and then perform validation and acceptance testing
  • Complex, cross-border transactions – make precise assessments of the full tax consequence

Global tax management

A kaleidoscope of in-country processes, procedures and requirements makes it hard to see past local compliance to the needs of global tax management. 

When our teams of in-country tax experts have finished their compliance work, we can help you connect the dots, transforming a complex of local reporting into a coherent, centralised, global view of all your tax risks and opportunities.

  • Local and localised tax information, no matter how complex, transformed into a single, consolidated, global view
  • Payments, recoveries, reliefs, expenses reviewed and reported on a consolidated basis
  • Tax reviews and health-checks at the global and local levels
  • A single point of contact helps you simplify, integrate and coordinate your management of international tax risk

VAT assurance

Fixed fees

Project based

Global reach

Central point of contact

VAT compliance requires a lot of energy and resources. From keeping up with changing tax regulation and filing obligations to the latest technologies and supply chain structure. All of this can significantly impact one thing – your business risk.

Our Assurance services help you review the health of your VAT compliance from the very start of the transacting process.

We work for you on a fixed-fee, project basis, meaning you don’t need to worry about hidden costs or being locked into a long-term contract. 

Our global reach means we can review your VAT business compliance across multiple jurisdictions while providing you with a central point of contact.

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VAT data transformation automation addresses the time-consuming-but-essential tasks of data cleansing, data processing and consolidation. We use the latest technology to simplify the process and automate it for you.

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Recovery of VAT on bad debt is quite complicated to tackle alone. We help you determine your businesses eligibility then prepare and submit the applications for recovery of output VAT on qualifying invoices.

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VAT reporting health check is an end-to-end assessment of your VAT compliance process. The scope can be expanded or narrowed according to your business needs.

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VAT return health check is a comprehensive review of your VAT return reporting quality. Our technology highlights areas of concern and/or critical errors that require urgent attention.

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AP/AR documentation health check assesses the quality of your AP and AR invoices, compliance with local regulations and correct transaction treatment (at face value, based on invoice information).

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Contract and Transaction reviews are usually performed together. We conduct an end-to-end check of your contracts, transaction treatment, supporting documentation, rights and obligations and determine the correct flow of invoicing and subsequent reporting.

Whether you handle your VAT compliance administration in-house or outsource it, TMF Group’s large network of in-country offices can support you to become and stay compliant in all jurisdictions where you hold VAT numbers.

Our VAT administrative support services cover:

  • Corporate information updates (name, address, director changes)
  • Bank account setup assistance
  • Handling tax office correspondence
  • Monitoring electronic mailboxes (where applicable)
  • Help with tax inspection hosting
  • Late payment investigation and communication with tax authorities
  • Obtaining VAT account statements or other information from tax authorities.

We make a complex world simple

TMF Group is a leading provider of critical administrative services, helping clients invest and operate safely around the world.

Our 9,100 experts and 120 offices in 85 jurisdictions worldwide serve corporates, financial institutions, asset managers, private clients and family offices, providing the combination of accounting, tax, payroll, fund administration, compliance and entity management services essential to global business success.

We know how to unlock access to the world’s most attractive markets – no matter how complex – swiftly, safely and efficiently. That’s why more than 60% of the Fortune Global 500 and FTSE 100, and almost half the top 300 private equity firms, work with us.

Our unique global delivery model, underpinned by our innovative digital platforms, means we can cover sectors as diverse as capital markets, private equity, real estate, pharmaceuticals, energy and technology, with experts on the ground providing local support.

With year-on-year growth averaging 8% since 2013, TMF Group is a trusted and reliable partner. Whether operating across one border or many, with a handful of staff or several thousand, we have the business-critical support you need to expand, operate and grow while remaining compliant, everywhere.