Asset management company relies on local expertise to do business in Labuan

Takumi explains how TMF Group provides essential support so they can maintain their fund manager license in Labuan

Services for: Corporate Secretarial

Provided in: Labuan

Takumi Asset Management (Labuan) Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Takumi Asset Management Pte Ltd in Singapore. The company offers comprehensive fund management services to clients and capitalises on the growth opportunities offered by the Labuan financial services sector.

Junichi Tatsukawa, Representative Director and CEO at Takumi, says, “Five years ago we decided to set up our company in Labuan, as we aim to maintain good public performance for our hedge fund by using technologies. We approached TMF Group for support and to help us set up a company in Labuan. We’ve been using them ever since for in-country business support.

“TMF Group helps us to maintain and comply with the requirements for holding the Labuan Fund Manager license. Their local team helps us prepare and submit the reports to the Labuan FSA. They also support us with all of our corporate secretarial needs.

“TMF Group provides us with step-by-step guidance on what we need to do, which we really appreciate. Their experts help and remind us when we need to submit required applications and reporting, and they provide us with solutions if we inadvertently make any errors.”

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