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Forest industry group finds its ideal single service provider

TMF Group had the geographic reach, flexibility and local expertise that Metsä Group was looking for.

Services provided: Accounting, Tax including VAT compliance.

Services provided in: Europe and the Middle East

Metsä Group is a Finnish forest industry group with core businesses in tissue and cooking papers, paperboard, pulp, wood products, wood supply and forest services. The company’s annual turnover is approximately €5bn. Metsä Group has production facilities in Europe and sells its products globally, with offices and agents worldwide. 

“We had centralised our ways of working and processes, and we were looking for a single service provider with flexibility to work in with how we choose to operate. We also wanted a provider with considerable local knowledge to handle our reporting.

“The transfer to TMF Group was a rather smooth one, considering the many details involved. It was very easy for TMF Group to come in and understand our requirements.

“Compliance, accuracy and reliability are attributes that we value in our business partners, and we can count on all three with TMF Group.”

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