Doing business in France: How to successfully navigate the complexities of French Market compliance?

21 September 2021
4:30 PM (CET)
 -  Online
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On 28 June, TMF Group released the 2021 Global Business Complexity Index, an independent report which looks at the differences in the rules and requirements for doing business in 77 jurisdictions around the world.

In this year's ranking, France features as the second most complex jurisdiction. This result is mainly driven by complexities in accounting and tax processes, and heavily employee-centric HR regulations.

But in TMF Group we believe that complexity shouldn’t be a barrier for opportunity, and our local experts can help you unlock access to this important European jurisdiction with ease. Join us on 21 September to learn how to successfully navigate the complexities of the French market.


Cécile Jupin

Cécile Jupin : Business Development Manager – Growth & Expansion, Choose Paris Region

Hamza El Arabi

Hamza El Arabi : Chartered Accountant, Accounting & Tax head of Dpt, TMF Group

Saskia Straetmans

Saskia Straetmans : Head of HR and Payroll - Western Europe, TMF Group

Raoul Traver

Raoul Traver : Lawyer, Legal team leader, Global Entity Manager, TMF Group

Hanaa Trifiss

Hanaa Trifiss (moderator) : Commercial Director France, TMF Group

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