Thinking of doing business in Mexico

Mexico is considered the next emerging giant economy according to economist Jim O'Neill, who has identified the "Mint" countries - Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. It is expected a grow of 1-1,5% percentage points higher than the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean.


Mexico has always been an attractive market for foreign business due to their proximity to the U.S. Thanks to the last recovery of the US economy it has been a significant boost for Mexico. Additionally, is the 14th largest economy and 2nd in Latin America.

During the last years, Mexico has strong its economy and becoming open and diverse for investments, they have made efforts to improve telecommunications, transport and energy sectors, among others.

According to the latest World Bank – Doing Business Report 2015, Mexico improved four positions in the last study due to its advances on business climate. 

Set up and operate your business in Mexico

TMF Group has local experts providing financial, legal, HR and payroll services across Mexico.

Company incorporation

We manage the legal set-up according to local procedures. The most common types of business entities when entering the Mexican market are:

  • Stock Company (Sociedad Anónima or S.A.)
  • Limited Liability Company (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada or S. de R.L.)
  • Stock Company (Sociedad Anonima S.A)
  • Branch (Sucursal)

Accounting and tax:

Our local experts can help your company manage its accounting procedures ensuring your internal and external reports will be made correctly and transparently and fully compliant with the local legislation. 

HR and payroll:

TMF Group Mexico helps companies manage their most important asset: their personnel.  We offer a wide range of HR and payroll management solutions that cover almost all aspects of the employee-related administrative issues and meet the requirements of federal and local regulations.

Corporate Secretarial Services: TMF Group Mexico can take care of all the administrative tasks of your company, also, can incorporate you company, provide you a legal representative and an address to register.

Are you planning to expand to Mexico? Make us an enquiry on how we can help you with your incorporation and compliance operations. 

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