Corporate Secretarial Services

Our legal administrative service team can managed your corporate secretarial activities and be the single point of contact for matters regarding legal local compliance. They can keep you up-to-date with any Colombian legislation change to assure you take the necessary actions to avoid sanctions or fines for non-compliance.

Good standing services

Our Colombian good standing services includes:

  • Annual general meeting process: In which we prepare the resolution’s draft and all related documents.
  • Annual boards and shareholders meetings: We can organise meetings, prepare the documents related such as proxies, convocation letters, power of attorney, etc.
  • Maintain your corporate books: We will keep your shareholders meeting book, shareholders register and board of director’s books up-to-date for your internal corporate use or for any supervision request of legal compliance entities.

Additionally, every year Colombian’ companies must comply with annual local activities in order to fulfil legal requirements. These activities are: 

  • Mercantile Registration Renewal
  • Management Report
  • File F.S. at the Local chamber of commerce
  • File Form F 15 at the Central Bank
  • Rup Renewal

Domiciliation Service (Registered Address)

We will be able to register company’s legal domicile to receive documents related to authorities; we send these documents to the company by regular mail in case it will be required.

Legal representation and attorney-in-fact

We can act as attorney’s-in-fact through a power of attorney (POA) granted by the company’s legal representative. It will allow us to sign documents on behalf of the company reducing company’s extra time and resources.

Personal Data Protection Services

For the last years, Colombia’s legislation has been even stricter on the habeas data regulation. It is mandatory for all companies to provide their internal data protection policy and it can be requested by the Industry and Commerce Superintendence (SIC) at any time. In case companies do not have it, fines up to 500.000USD aprox. (2000 minimum monthly salary) can be applied. Our Colombian legal administrative team can help you to develop the policy and keep you up-to-date on any data protection law change.

Other legal compliance service Colombia office can assist you:

  • Corporate handbooks
  • Trademark registration
  • Employment contracts

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