Tax services in Argentina

For companies that do business, taxes have become one of the most complex and expensive administrative tasks. Argentina is one of the most active Latin American countries with continuous legislative changes, higher tax pressures and growing administrative loads for companies regarding tax controls. Companies are constantly challenged to understand new legislations and government reforms and complex tax presentation processes. They also experience a high exposure to fines and penalties due to inaccuracy or failure to comply.

TMF Group is here to help you. Our tax specialists around are experts and keep up to date with the latest changes which can help you with:

  • Registration with national, provincial and municipal authorities
  • Preparation of tax affidavits
  • Presentation of taxes before the authorities
  • Enquiry services from the Internal Revenue agency  

The main taxes and applicable regimes in Argentina are:

  • Income Taxes
  • Minimum Income Taxes
  • Personal Assets Tax – Stocks and corporate assets
  • Value Added Tax
  • Gross Income Tax
  • Internal Taxes
  • Retention, perception and collection, at a national and jurisdictional level
  • Information regimes

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