TMF Group and GPA Symposium 2020

03 December 2020
2 p.m. (GMT)
 -  On-demand

TMF Group has partnered with the Global Payroll Association to bring you the TMF Group and GPA Symposium 2020, an online conference designed to share our views on the impact of COVID-19 on the payroll outsourcing market and the importance of digitisation for payroll processing.

These are topics that have been all-important in the payroll arena this year. They will be explored across two 20 minutes presentations, followed by a Q&A session where participants will be able to share their thoughts and pose their burning question to the speakers.


Turning Payroll Operations Digital: A human experience, powered by technology

Speakers: Adele Ewing and James Bertioli

The past decade has seen a rapid evolution and adoption of new technologies in every aspect of our lives. Whether we are eating out, travelling to work, or purchasing our groceries, life has changed for us all. The world of payroll is no different, with increasing demands placed on payroll professionals and employees alike, we are experiencing a rapid pace of change in how payroll teams function. This has given rise to a plethora of intelligent software solutions and disruptive technologies which seek to improve the payroll experience, many of which are now seen as ‘must haves’ to compete in the global payroll arena. However, technology alone will not save the day. Major differences in legislation, culture and expectations exist around the world, so a balance needs to be struck between technology, local knowledge and the human touch which many people still require.

Join James Bertioli and Adele Ewing at the TMF Group and GPA Symposium 2020 to hear how TMF Group is evolving its teams into ‘Digital Resources’, embracing technology while keeping human service at the heart of its operations.

The impact of COVID-19 in the payroll outsourcing market

Speakers: Adele Ewing and Gary Wright

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered and challenged business operations like never before. Even the best-laid Business Continuity Plans (BCP) are likely to be found lacking in the face of the huge disruption and uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

As a result, businesses across the globe are having to rethink their strategies fast. HR and payroll teams must continue to keep up with changing requirements to stay compliant, while helping employees adjust to a ‘new normal’ workplace.

A survey recently conducted by TMF Group in association with the American Payroll Association (APA), showed that companies that outsource their payroll function seem to be finding it easier to stay on top of, and implement, changes in rules and regulations. As one survey respondent commented:

We outsource, and do not foresee any issues,” while another stated: “Because we partially outsource payroll, we do not have any issues.”

The question, therefore, is: how will the payroll outsourcing market be impacted by the pandemic? 

Adele Ewing and Gary Wright will share their views on this topic at the TMF Group and GPA Symposium 2020.


  • Adele Ewing
    Global Head of HR and Payroll Solutions at TMF Group
  • Gary Wright
    Solution Lead – HR & Payroll at TMF Group
  • James Bertioli
    Global Head of Digital, Operations and RDCs at TMF Group
TMF Group and GPA Symposium 2020

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