One-stop shop for all your insurance premium tax calculation needs

Working out your multinational insurance premium tax calculations can be a headache. Operating across different countries opens you up to a host of complex tax liabilities and related compliance requirements. TMF IPT Quote reduces these considerable burdens by providing a one-stop shop calculator.

Governed by a steering group of experts, TMF IPT Quote is the only such technology to be endorsed by the London and International Insurance Brokers Association. An established and market-leading tool, TMF IPT Quote gets things right first time, minimising rejections of tax schedules and the associated hours of rework. It is the only commercially available tax calculator that can quickly generate tax schedules associated with large multinational co-insurance programmes, significantly saving time and resource.

For brokers, underwriters, captives and risk managers responsible for addressing the tax liabilities on multinational programmes, the time has come to improve and shorten this lengthy process while reducing the costs involved.

The benefits of TMF IPT Quote are:

  • Allows you to standardise insurance tax calculation methodologies across your entire organisation
  • Simplifies your tax calculation process for even the most complex of multinational programmes
  • Large user base helps drive consistency of tax calculations across the insurance market
  • Formulates the correct calculation of premium taxes at policy quotation, making collection in full at the time of premium payment more efficient
  • Governed by the market place, the IPT Quote Steering Group meets regularly to guide system developments and treatment of taxes

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