Why Thailand?

Rapid growth and progressive government policies have sculpted Thailand into a genuine economic force, to form one of the biggest economies in the ASEAN region.

Located at the geographical heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand enjoys a strategic location and acts as the gateway to Asia – the largest growing economic market in the world. The country also offers convenient trade with China, India and ASEAN.

In addition, Thailand is home to a well-developed infrastructure in a free enterprise economy with generally pro-investment policies, making it relatively easy to do business in Thailand. It is also a vibrant tourist and conference destination.

For foreign investors, Thailand is one of ASEAN’s most attractive destinations to set up businesses. A comparative analysis of the costs of doing business and company set up in the region underscores Thailand as a cost-competitive location that also offers a quality lifestyle for expatriates.

A healthy macroeconomic environment, a positive regulatory business environment, attractive investment policies such as the Board of Investment (BOI) investment promotion scheme and International Headquarters (IHQ) scheme, plus a welcoming culture, clearly sets Thailand apart from other investment destinations in Asia.

Our core areas of expertise

TMF Group Thailand is a one-stop shop for doing business in ASEAN and the rest of the world. We can help you with everything from company set up, to on-going compliance support, including accounting, bookkeeping and corporate secretarial services. Our team is experienced in payroll and human resource issues, including obtaining work permits for Thailand. TMF Group also has extensive experience in helping our clients to apply for a foreign business license (FBL), the BOI investment promotion scheme and the International Headquarters (IHQ) scheme.

Since our establishment, TMF Group has been at hand to help companies navigate Thailand’s foreign regulations and legal requirements through our bookkeeping, HR and payroll, as well as secretarial services. Regulatory standards, such as the Thai Accounting Act BE 2543 and the Thai Revenue Code, can take some getting used to for outsiders, but our specialists work with these laws and other regulations on a daily basis.

About the TMF Group Thailand office

TMF Group has been assisting clients in Thailand since 1997, when we set up an office in Bangkok’s prime business district. The corporate services specialists, accountants, compliance experts and lawyers in our Thailand office are experienced with local regulations and the needs of international clients.

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