Mental health support for a changing environment
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Mental health support for a changing environment

02 June 2020

Taking care of the mental health of employees during this challenging time is top priority for TMF Group’s Business Academy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes to how we live our lives with altered daily routines, new ways of working and uncertainly as to how long it will last and what the future will look like.  These challenges are impacting the mental health and the emotional well-being of people as the weeks and months of isolation continue.

People are feeling depressed, frustrated, stressed and isolated leaving businesses to address the mental health issues that employees are facing. The struggle of moving from an office working environment to a purely virtual one can be hard on employees. Juggling changes with work, adhering to government restrictions and personal situations, like childcare and home schooling can put a large strain on any person.

How has TMF Group been there to support our employee’s mental health? The TMF Business Academy always offers learning and development courses but now is putting a greater focus on soft-skills and mental well-being for employees.

Recently, our team launched the Mental Health in a Changing Environment program featuring several training sessions to equip our employees with better mental health management. The main goal is to empower our colleagues to more easily overcome everyday obstacles, to understand their behaviour and how to function better in their new work environment. The sessions cover how to cope with challenging situations and self-care techniques.

We offered the first course called Mental Health in a Changing Environment - Kick-off & The Power of Attention, Listening and Self-Care Session. It explored how to identify challenges and opportunities for practicing self-care. Our employees learned about the impact of being attentive and effective listening skills. This program is designed to help employees with their mental health during the pandemic and beyond.

The benefits of these sessions to employees include, improving relationships for teams, family and friends which leads to better, meaningful communication. It also has helped people to resolve conflicts and understand differences in their teams, create a better focus, and increase productivity. The program also works to ready employees’ states of mind for the new normal and when they return to a physical workplace.

The TMF Business Academy offers many other learning opportunities across a wide selection of topics, as we believe in wholesome learning and development.

Want to be part of our learning and development evolution? Be part of our team, apply for our vacancies and join us now.

Written by

Christin Narmatha

TMF Business Academy Associate

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