30 November 2020

Is it fair and logical to impose a working-from-home tax? And find out why UK businesses should rush to appoint a fiscal representative before Brexit.

Would a home-working tax really support lower paid workers and post-pandemic economic recovery, or would it be an unfair charge on people who happen to be able to do their jobs remotely?

Jacek, Sylvia and Rob debate Deutsche Bank’s research paper, and provide a Brexit status update, with recommendations for UK businesses registered in EU member states.

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00:01 Intro: Sylvia’s ‘extreme’ lockdown hair mishap, and why Rob is now wearing tights.

03:19 Brexit check in: what UK businesses should do to prepare, amid ongoing uncertainty.

09:35 Deutsche Bank’s home-working tax proposal – Sylvia’s opinion.

11:40 Rob’s view on a 5% tax and if it would be addressing the real issue.

12:54 Jacek weighs in.

18:13 How the nature of the high street and business districts will fundamentally change post-pandemic.

22:35 Closing thoughts.

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