25 September 2020

As businesses implement COVID-19 recovery plans, the podcast team provide some practical suggestions of where to find cash flow opportunities through VAT.


Big thanks to listeners Renata, Jovana and Chris for requesting the topic of VAT and how it can boost your cashflow. VAT is not just a tax that businesses have to pay, but one that can help them recover from difficult circumstances, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Short on time? Skip ahead:

00:01 Intro

05:00 Especially for Chris – Rob explains how to recover foreign VAT

11:07 What to expect and be prepared for after submitting a VAT reclaim

12:42 Post-Brexit VAT recovery - how will the process change?

16:05 How to minimise VAT’s impact on your cashflow

19:11 Taking advantage of import simplifications

20:43 Inactive VAT registrations and optimising your supply chain

23:35 Recovery of bad debt from a VAT perspective


Learn more about how to recover foreign VAT by listening to the ‘Free’ Money episode.

Find out if there is any financial support or incentives available to your business through COVID-19 government schemes.

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