24 October 2019

From import VAT to deferments, GST, Nexus and looming ‘internet’ taxes… obligations quickly pile up for online sellers.


What does it take to set up – or continue running – an online business while keeping pace with all tax requirements? How do you navigate import tax, sales thresholds, VAT and GST registration and selling to jurisdictions where you must collect the sales taxes?

How do your obligations change if you sell goods on a digital marketplace like Amazon or eBay?

In this episode of the Value Added Talk podcast, Jacek goes into the fidget spinner business to illustrate the main tax hurdles for online sellers, and how to deal with them.

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00:01 Intro
03:45 Who is an ‘online seller’ ?
07:39 Why is e-commerce such a big deal?
08:42 Role play: Jacek opens a fidget spinner web store
15:33 Sales thresholds in the EU
16:54 Online sales to Australia or New Zealand
18:22 Selling to the USA and this thing called Nexus
22:00 How to keep track of all your tax obligations
23:34 Selling over digital marketplaces
28:36 How to manage your tax obligations when you sell online
31:43 New to online selling? Understand global business complexity
33:15 In the future – will it get easier?
37:35 Outro

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