15 October 2019

Get the lowdown on the key findings of the Global Business Complexity Index Accounting and Tax Report and how they affect tax regulations and processes globally.


Featuring extra data, TMF Group’s Accounting and Tax Report takes a deeper dive into the findings of the Global Business Complexity Index 2019, which navigates the risks and opportunities of doing business in 76 jurisdictions around the world.

In this third episode of the Value Added Talk podcast, Jacek, Sylvia and Rob explore the key accounting and tax trends highlighted in the report, and discuss the practical impact these will have on future business operations. 

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00:01 Intro
01:24 On today’s episode: TMF Group’s GBCI 2019 Accounting and Tax Report 
03:48 Tax digitisation – a brief overview 
07:14 Harmonisation trends 
13:07 The changing relationship between authorities and businesses 
21:54 What’s shaping evolving tax policy 
28:33 The VAT Gap and moves to combat tax fraud 
32:42 Key takeaways 
36:31 Tax breaks for ‘exceptional’ trees in Hawaii 
39:57 Outro

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