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TMF Belgium Announces a new CSR initiative by joining the Rubey project

26 May 2022

TMF Group, a leading provider of compliance and administrative services, with more than 8,000 clients in 85 jurisdictions, is proud to announce that its Belgian office has joined the Rubey Project.

The Rubey Project is an initiative that provides the opportunity for anyone to claim a stake in artistic masterpieces, supports museums in expanding their collections, and allows the general public to enjoy artworks that have been held in private collections for many years. An innovative transaction makes masterpieces available to the larger public via an Art Security Token Offering.

The first work on offer is Carnaval de Binche, one of James Ensor’s masterpieces. The composition has been tokenised granting private investors the chance to own a share of the painting. Carnaval de Binche will be displayed in The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) for a period of ten years.

The Rubey project aims at rendering fine art accessible to the larger public via two means: by democratising the purchase of fine art from private collections; and by displaying the artwork for a period of ten years in museums.

The project is one of TMF Group’s CSR initiatives, to ensure our market’s engagement in making a longstanding, sustainable and beneficial impact in our communities.

Media Contacts:

Giampaolo Arghittu, Global External Communications Manager,
T: +39 334 947 95 84

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