Why Indonesia?

As Southeast Asia’s largest economy and the world's fourth-most populous nation, Indonesia is an emerging global powerhouse offering many opportunities for foreign investors, especially those seeking an ASEAN presence.

Indonesia is the world’s biggest archipelago, consisting of around 17,000 islands, stretching across 5,000 kilometres. The country has a young labour force, with approximately 50% of its population under the age of 30. It also has an abundance of natural resources.

Indonesia weathered the 2009 global recession far better than its regional neighbours and the government is slowly unveiling policies to attract more foreign investment, particularly in previously restricted sectors. Expansion in the nation’s healthcare and education services has led to an improvement in life expectancy and rising incomes.

Its burgeoning business sector instituted on Shariah-compliant banking and finance, is attracting global capital. The consumer sector is expected to further expand as the middle class grows to 141 million people by 2020.

Indonesia's robust economy, underpinned by its well-developed energy and resources sectors, presents many exciting opportunities for international investors and entrepreneurs.

Our core areas of expertise

An Indonesia business process specialist, TMF Group provides clients with a wide range of services from company set up to on-going compliance services including payroll, accounting, tax, company secretarial and process agent services. We are particularly knowledgeable in ASEAN company set up, as well as offering registered agent services and related undertakings, including incorporations/shelf documentation, core post-incorporation work (COPI) and value added post incorporation work (VAPI).

About TMF Group’s Indonesia office

TMF Group opened an office in Indonesia in 2011 to provide clients with a full range of corporate services and to expand our company’s ASEAN presence. Our team of company incorporation specialists are fully qualified and experienced to provide Indonesia payroll, accounting, tax, company secretarial and process agent services.

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